IACAT offers resources in the form of a Bibliography that is constantly being updated with the latest research, information on operational CATs programs and a Forum for discussion of the latest topics in computerized adaptive testing.   IACAT wishes to thank Barth B. Riley and David J. Weiss for their major contributions to start this Bibliography listing. We welcome contributions to our list.

Please contact us to include your citations we are missing or if you see citations that need correction or addition of the full text of the information which we can share. The bibliography currently includes all of the references on the CAT Central Web site as well as all of the PDF files from CAT Central.   The bibliography is being actively maintained and updated by a group of IACAT volunteers including Jerry Melican, Shungwon Ro, and Zhen Li.  If you have references and/or papers that you would like to add to the bibliography, please contact our bibliography manager, Vince Maurelli.  

We also wish to thank the Drupal community for creating and supporting this content management framework we are using. Special thanks to the creators of the Bibliography module used here.

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