International Association for Computerized Adaptive Testing


2015 IACAT Conference

Our next conference is planned for September 14-16 2015  with 3 hour workshops on first day of conference at Queens College, University of Cambridge. CAT in Action - Exploring New Horizons. More information will be available soon.

Cambridge University









2014 IACAT Conference

The 2014 IACAT conference was held on October 8 - 10, 2014, in Princeton New Jersey, U.S.A.  The conference is being coordinated by Educational Testing Service.  All researchers and practitioners interested in psychometrics and adaptive testing are welcome to attend.  Click here to view the conference program.

What is IACAT?

The International Association for Computerized Adaptive Testing (IACAT) is a tax-exempt nonprofit professional and scientific organization intended to promote adaptive testing. (See our Mission Statement for more information.) The organization was formulated in 2009 and founded in 2010.

CAT Bibliography

Our CAT Bibliography (which you can find under Resources) has over 2,000 references and is growing, thanks to our Bibliography Manager, Vince Maurelli, and Zhen Li, Jerry Melican, and Shungwon Ro who each are monitoring several journals for new CAT literature .  We welcome your contributions to this important resource.  Please send your CAT references and papers to IACAT Bibliography.

2012 IACAT Conference

The third conference of the International Association for Computerized Adaptive Testing (IACAT) was held at the Sydney Convention Centre, Australia from Sunday 12 to Tuesday 14 August 2012.