An important part of each IACAT Conference is the keynotes, or plenary sessions.  For 2019, here is the current slate of world-class speakers:  Titles and details will be provided as they become available.

  1. Alina von Davier, PhD (ACT Inc) - President's Welcome: The Road Ahead: From Computer Adaptive Testing To Artificially Intelligent Adaptive Measurement
  2. David J. Weiss, PhD (University of Minnesota & President Emeritus of IACAT) - The CAT Curmudgeon: Some Thoughts from 50 Years of CAT
  3. Chun Wang, PhD (University of Washington) - Multidimensional Computerized Adaptive Testing in Health Measurement: Lessons Learned
  4. Steve Wise, PhD (NWEA) - Expanding the Meaning of Adaptive Testing to Enhance Validity
  5. Shiyu Wang, PhD (University of Georgia) - Computerized Adaptive Testing with Response Revision: Challenges, Solutions and Applications
  6. Jimmy de la Torre, PhD (Hong Kong University) - Recent advances in cognitive diagnosis computerized adaptive testing