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2014 IACAT Conference: 8-10 October, Princeton, NJ, USA

IACAT conference

8-10 October 2014

Latest Article Published in the Journal of Computerized Adaptive Testing (JCAT)

The following article was published in JCAT on December 24, 2013:

A Comparison of Four Methods for Obtaining Information Functions for Scores From
Computerized Adaptive Tests With Normally Distributed Item Difficulties and Discriminations

By Kyoko Ito and Daniel O. Segall

A PDF file of the complete article can be downloaded from

Volumes 1 and 2 of the Journal of Computerized Adaptive Testing

Volume 1 (2012 - 2013)

Number 1.  Termination Criteria in Computerized Adaptive Testing: Do Variable-Length CATs Provide Effective and Efficient measurement? Ben Babcock and David J. Weiss

Number 2. A Comparison of Computerized Classification Testing and Computerized Adaptive Testing in Clinical Psychology.  Niels Smits and Matthew D. Finkelman

Number 3. Item Ordering in Stochastically Curtailed Health Questionnaires With an Observable Outcome.  Matthew D. Finkelman, Wonsuk Kim, Yulei He, and Albert M. Lai

Number 4. Estimating Measurement Precision in Reduced-Length Multi-Stage Adaptive Testing. Katrina M. Crotts, April L. Zenisky, Stephen G. Sireci, and Xueming Li

Number 5.  A Comparison of Four Methods for Obtaining Information Functions for Scores From Computerized Adaptive Tests With Normally Distributed Item Difficulties and Discriminations.
by Kyoko Ito and Daniel O. Segall

Volume 2 (2014)

Number 1. The Utility of Adaptive Testing in Addressing the Problem of Unmotivated Examinees.  Steven L. Wise

Number 2. A Comparison of Multi-Stage and Linear Test Designs for Medium-Size Licensure and Certification Examinations. Bradley G. Brossman and Robin A. Guille

Full-text PDF files of all JCAT articles are available at


IACAT voting instructions

IACAT Member,

Earlier this week, we distributed a list of nominations for IACAT board elections, and biographies of the candidates.  Today we will send out an email with the link to submit your vote.  Here are some instructions for you:

1.  You will receive an email from "FastTest Web" regarding a test code.  We are using this high-security test code approach to ensure that everyone votes only once, and we can verify identity.  This code can only be used once, by you.

IACAT 2013 Election - Nominations

IACAT is holding its 2013 Election over the next few weeks.  This email contains a list of all candidates for open positions on the IACAT board and brief biographies for you to consider when casting your ballot.  In a few days, you will receive an automated email from an online survey system (FastTest Web - watch your Junk Mail folder just in case) with a link to vote online.


Board member nominations end June 11th

IACAT has received several nominations for Vice President  and Regional representatives of Europe and Asia.  Elections will be held next week when a newsletter is sent providing biographical information on each candidate.  Please send nominations to

Nominations for IACAT Board Members

The IACAT board would like to receive nominations for three new board members. Three member positions are open for election.  Current and past board members may run for another term if elected.

The current board is:

2013 IACAT Conference cancelled

Dear IACAT Members:

We regret to inform you that the 2013 IACAT Conference has been cancelled.  The conference was originally planned for 17-19 August, 2013, in Jiaxing, China.  We apologize for any inconvenience.  The possibility of future conferences will be determined at a later date.

Best regards,

The IACAT Board

First JCAT issue released!

IACAT Members:


The Journal of Computerized Adaptive Testing - the scholarly journal of the IACAT - has just published its first issue at You can access the issue by selecting the Current tab.


Recall that JCAT publishes each article as it is completed.  A second article has been accepted and will likely be published in January.


2013 IACAT Conference Cancelled!

The 2013 IACAT conference to be held in Jiaxing, China has been cancelled.  It was first announced that 2013 conference will be held in Jiaxing University (, China, conveniently located outside Shanghai.  However, the conference has been Cancelled and IACAT is looking for sponsors for next year's conference.  Please watch the IACAT site ( for more information.