TitleÉvaluation et multimédia dans l'apprentissage d'une L2 [Assessment and multimedia in learning an L2]
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2004
AuthorsLaurier, M
Publication Languageeng
KeywordsAdaptive Testing, Computer Assisted Instruction, Educational, Foreign Language Learning, Program Evaluation, Technology computerized adaptive testing

In the first part of this paper different areas where technology may be used for second language assessment are described. First, item banking operations, which are generally based on item Response Theory but not necessarily restricted to dichotomously scored items, facilitate assessment task organization and require technological support. Second, technology may help to design more authentic assessment tasks or may be needed in some direct testing situations. Third, the assessment environment may be more adapted and more stimulating when technology is used to give the student more control. The second part of the paper presents different functions of assessment. The monitoring function (often called formative assessment) aims at adapting the classroom activities to students and to provide continuous feedback. Technology may be used to train the teachers in monitoring techniques, to organize data or to produce diagnostic information; electronic portfolios or quizzes that are built in some educational software may also be used for monitoring. The placement function is probably the one in which the application of computer adaptive testing procedures (e.g. French CAPT) is the most appropriate. Automatic scoring devices may also be used for placement purposes. Finally the certification function requires more valid and more reliable tools. Technology may be used to enhance the testing situation (to make it more authentic) or to facilitate data processing during the construction of a test. Almond et al. (2002) propose a four component model (Selection, Presentation, Scoring and Response) for designing assessment systems. Each component must be planned taking into account the assessment function.