TitleCriterion-related validity of an innovative CAT-based personality measure
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsSchneider, RJ, McLellan, RA, Kantrowitz, TM, Houston, JS, Borman, WC
CityD. J. Weiss (Ed.), Proceedings of the 2009 GMAC Conference on Computerized Adaptive Testing.

This paper describes development and initial criterion-related validation of the PreVisor Computer Adaptive Personality Scales (PCAPS), a computerized adaptive testing-based personality measure that uses an ideal point IRT model based on forced-choice, paired-comparison responses. Based on results from a large consortium study, a composite of six PCAPS scales identified as relevant to the population of interest (first-line supervisors) had an estimated operational validity against an overall job performance criterion of ρ = .25. Uncorrected and corrected criterion-related validity results for each of the six PCAPS scales making up the composite are also reported. Because the PCAPS algorithm computes intermediate scale scores until a stopping rule is triggered, we were able to graph number of statement-pairs presented against criterion-related validities. Results showed generally monotonically
increasing functions. However, asymptotic validity levels, or at least a reduction in the rate of increase in slope, were often reached after 5-7 statement-pairs were presented. In the case of the composite measure, there was some evidence that validities decreased after about six statement-pairs. A possible explanation for this is provided.