TitlecatR: An R Package for Computerized Adaptive Testing
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsMagis, D, RaƮche, G
JournalApplied Psychological Measurement
Publication Languageeng
Keywordscomputer program, computerized adaptive testing, Estimation, Item Response Theory

Computerized adaptive testing (CAT) is an active current research field in psychometrics and educational measurement. However, there is very little software available to handle such adaptive tasks. The R package catR was developed to perform adaptive testing with as much flexibility as possible, in an attempt to provide a developmental and testing platform to the interested user. Several item-selection rules and ability estimators are implemented. The item bank can be provided by the user or randomly generated from parent distributions of item parameters. Three stopping rules are available. The output can be graphically displayed.

Refereed DesignationRefereed