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The Journal of Computerized Adaptive Testing - the scholarly journal of the IACAT - has just published its first issue at http://iacat.org/jcat/index.php/jcat. You can access the issue by selecting the Current tab.


Recall that JCAT publishes each article as it is completed.  A second article has been accepted and will likely be published in January.


If you are currently actively conducting CAT research, we invite you to submit your manuscripts to JCAT.  Our streamlined submission, peer review, and publication process is designed to provide rapid publication of accepted manuscripts.  We look forward to the opportunity to considering your CAT-related research for publication in JCAT.


Thanks for your continuing interest in JCAT.  And best wishes from the JCAT Editors and Editorial Board for the holiday season and the new year!


Dave Weiss, Editor

University of Minnesota


Journal of Computerized Adaptive Testing Vol 1, No 1 (2012) Table of Contents





Termination Criteria in Computerized Adaptive Tests: Do Variable-Length CATs Provide Efficient and Effective Measurement?

          Ben Babcock, David J. Weiss




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